Trailer Compliance Plate Applications

The fitment of compliance plates is mandatory for heavy trailers (4.5t and above) and indicates to the registering authority that the trailer complies with the relevant Australian Design Rules.

Manufacturers must submit an application for approval to fit compliance plates to the particular make/model of trailer. In order to demonstrate that the trailer complies, the manufacturer is required to submit a summary of the evidence of compliance with applicable Australian Design Rules.

We are registered agents who act on behalf of manufacturers who wish to lodge compliance plate applications.

Imported on-road vehicles must comply with the Australian Design Rules before they can be registered. We offer ADR compliance and VSB6 certification services to enable registration.

If you wish to make a compliance application, please complete the below application form and submit it to us along with a simple dimensioned sketch of the trailer/dolly showing the basic material sizes.

IPA/Compliance Plate Application Form